Second since mid-November, North Korean soldiers escaped from North Korea to the South in the demilitarized zone. South Korea’s military fired warning shots when the guards of the DPRK missed the deserter, writes with reference to the defense Ministry of South Yonhap news Agency.

As noted by the South Korean online, this case is the fourth officially recorded escape of a soldier from the DPRK in 2017.

The source notes that while fleeing North Korean deserter – the common soldier – took advantage of thick fog over the frontier, and showed up in front of the observation post of the South Korean military on December 21, 01:04 a.m. local time.

A search party North Korean guards approached the demarcation line, and then from the South the military at 02:30 did about 20 warning shots. After 40 minutes in North Korea also heard several shots, “but the bullets are not flying in the direction of South Korea”, Yonhap writes.

The boundary zone between the Koreas is long about 4 km is littered with mines and surrounded by barbed wire.

In addition, the authorities in the South reported the discovery in the sea at a distance of about 100 km on East from the Korean Peninsula in a small wooden boat with two North Koreans, who said that he decided to flee North Korea.

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13 November 2017 for the first time in several decades in South Korea with North Korea escaped North Korean soldier. It happened near the former village of Panmunjom, located 53 km from Seoul and 10 km from the North Korean city of Kaesong.

Four soldiers of the DPRK shot a fugitive from pistols and machine guns. The UN command said that North Korea violated the armistice agreement of 1953, as border guards while in pursuit of a deserter crossed the border and used weapons in the DMZ. One of the soldiers of the DPRK for a few seconds, ran into the territory of South Korea, but quickly caught himself and returned to its territory.

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Under the cover of fog in South Korea ran one of the North Korean soldiers 21.12.2017

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