In the fields Pyatikhatskogo district of Dnipropetrovsk region, scientists have found two stone statues, one of the Scythian epoch and is dated V century BC, the second more ancient Eneolithic or early bronze age. This is stated in the story channel 5.

Stone statues are well preserved and, according to experts, are essential to science.

Findings have already been transported to the Dnipropetrovsk national historical Museum named after Dmitry Yavornytsky. Collection of stone statues here now has 98 items, including new – one of the oldest.

“Early Neolithic stele detached from your complex. We don’t know what a barrow or grave it belonged to. However, for the study of this monumental religious sculpture is important. Scythian discovery is very interesting because we have a bit in museums, only six of the Scythian statues preserved”, – told the researcher of historic Museum of the Dnieper Daria Romanchuk.

On one of the found blocks you can see the outlines of the head, passing in the shoulder. And also the visible hand behind the back. Experts say that it is a very rare instance with elements of the iconography.

In addition, next to one of the stelae was found a flint scraper – a tool of the Eneolithic.

Earlier in August, it was reported that in the Dnipropetrovsk region on the territory of the Pokrovsky plant, archaeologists from the Institute of archaeology of the National Academy of Sciences during the excavations of Scythian burial mound discovered the grave of a young girl – “the Scythian Amazons”.

Under the Dnieper archaeologists have dug up stone sculptures 03.11.2017

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