North Korea threatens “retaliation” for an “insane” joint winter exercises of the soldiers of the marine Corps, the United States and their colleagues from the Republic of Korea in Pyeongchang. This is with reference to media reports the two Koreas Reuters writes.

“Amid reports that North Korea may be planning new missile tests in defiance of UN resolutions, the exercise was attended by more than 300 Marines that simulates battles in the snow on the territory of Pyeongchang, which will host the Olympic Winter games in 2018”, – stated in the message.

According to the captain of the US army Marcus Karlstrom, the Marines of the two countries “not only to develop friendly and brotherly relations”, but also “increase the efficiency in case if we have to fight side-by-side.”

Exercises integrated units of Marines in South Korea began on January 15 and will last until February 3.

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Pyongyang traditionally dismissive responded to military maneuvers southerners and Americans, threatening “retribution”.

“This rabble, the puppet forces in the American colonies, builds the tension and makes everything to start a war at a time when even their American master has no idea how to cope with the powerful nuclear deterrence of the DPRK… If the dogs of war from the South to arrange a war, the army of the DPRK fully demonstrated its tremendous power and wipe the aggressor off the face of the Earth to the last man,” writes North Korean newspaper.

In South Korea, stationed 28.5 thousand US troops. New Pentagon chief James Mattis said that “Pacific theater” will be a priority in the Department under his control.

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US Marines and ROK are conducting winter drills, North Korea threatens to “kill all” 27.01.2017

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