Amendments to the Russian legislation, allowing to classify the foreign media to the “foreign agents” – another threat to free media in the country-aggressor. This is stated in the statement of the US state Department.

“The new Russian law allowing the justice Ministry to call the media “foreign agents” and monitor or block specific Internet activities, represents another threat to free media in Russia”, – said in a statement.

In the state Department recalled that freedom of speech and the media is “a comprehensive commitment to human rights, which Russia pledged to defend”.

“Dissemination of the law on registered as a foreign agent on the media opens the door to burdensome requirements, which could further stifle freedom of expression and editorial independence in Russia”, – said the foreign Ministry.

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Also, the state Department criticized Moscow’s attempts to justify new restrictions as a response to requirements for transparency under U.S. law on the registration of foreign agents (FARA).

“FARA has no control over the content of the disseminated information, does not restrict the publication of information or promotional material, and does not limit the ability for organizations to work”, – said in a statement.

25 November 2017, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law to give the foreign media the status of a foreign agent. According to the legislative act, noagenda can be declared any foreign media receiving financing or property from abroad and from Russian legal entities funded from foreign sources.

USA about the new Russian law on registered as a foreign agent: Another threat to media 29.11.2017

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