The US President Donald trump will demand from the NATO countries execution declared by the Alliance rules on the allocation of at least 2% of GDP on defense. About it in the comments ЛІГА.net said senior researcher at the us Atlantic Council’s Adrian Karatnycky.

“Standards of defense spending at 2% of GDP does not adhere to the majority of the members of NATO and the tramp will seek its implementation. Ukraine allocates 5% on defense spending, and it is unfair that the rich European countries don’t give even 2%. The era of frivolity and the desire to pass on to US the entire financial composite of defence ended,” said Karatnycky.

January 16, trump said that he believes NATO is “outdated”. January 24 Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis in his first day on duty assured the NATO allies of the commitment to the Alliance, despite the statements of President Donald trump.

The policy that the administration of Donald trump will hold against Russia and NATO, read more, special projects ЛІГА.net: the trump Virus. What will the world in 2017.

USA will demand from the NATO countries allocate 2% of GDP on defense – expert 27.01.2017

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