Vice-President Mike Pence arrived on a previously unannounced visits to Afghanistan for meetings with the country’s leadership and the American military contingent. This was announced on Thursday, the American TV channel CBS News.

“Vice-President Mike Pence arrived with an unannounced visit to Afghanistan on Thursday to meet with military forces to hold an important meeting in Kabul with an appeal to the leaders of Afghanistan to promote long-delayed elections in the country”, – stated in the message channel.

It is noted that the train plan was kept secret even from reporters who travel with the Pens until the completion of his visit.

We already know that Pence visited the presidential Palace in Kabul, after which he returned to the airfield at Bagram to meet U.S. military, as well as for the meeting with the commanders of U.S. forces in Afghanistan General John Nicholson and the American Ambassador to the country John bass.

According to Pence, its presence is strong evidence of the United States ‘ commitment to Afghanistan.

It is also reported that his flight to the presidential Palace was extremely difficult due to poor weather conditions and limited visibility, and after all the Affairs he met with the crew.

18 Dec at least 11 Afghan policemen were killed in an attack by militants in Helmand province.

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16 years ago, after the terrorist attacks of September 11, the US army entered Afghanistan to overthrow the Taliban administration and members of the terrorist network al-Qaeda. At the end of 2014 to replace the armed forces of the international coalition in the country came to non-combat operation Resolute Support Alliance (Strong support).

Government forces now control about 60% of the territory of Afghanistan, the Taliban and other Islamist groups – about 10%. Almost a third of the territory – 30% – fighting, or these areas are simply “abandoned” by the parties to the conflict. About 3 million people live in the territories controlled by the Islamists (approximately 10 of the population), 21 million – under the authority of the government.

In August 2017, trump said that Washington changes strategy in Afghanistan: he promised to maintain and increase the presence of American troops in the country, departing from the previous policy of non-interference. NATO supported the initiative. Until the election in 2016 candidate trump has called for a full withdrawal of troops from that country.

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Vice-President of the United States had suddenly arrived in Afghanistan 22.12.2017

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