Note: the plane can fly at 2 minutes 8 seconds of the video

Aerospace Agency of the USA showed a video of American flight training aircraft Northrop T-38 Talon on a background of the solar disk, which was done at supersonic speed. On the edges of wings the camera recorded the effect of the shock waves.

The visual effect of shock waves is obtained because of the sudden drop in pressure and temperature.

The observer on earth perceives the overcoming of the aircraft the sound barrier as a loud Bang, and if the machine is flying near him – as a deafening explosion. Because of this, supersonic flight is prohibited over populated areas.

NASA engineers are studying the effect of shock waves on the development of “quiet” supersonic aircraft, the prototype of which intend to submit in the next few years.

Video: Youtube / NASA

Video of the day from NASA: supersonic flight of the aircraft in the Sun 20.12.2017

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