Volunteers say that in the public Council under the Ministry of defense were unknown education is reputable volunteer organizations.

This was on the basis of the elections held today wrote on his Facebook volunteer Roman Sinitsyn.

“Now see firsthand what the notorious thanked and simulation community. In the dynamics. It’s about how the on formal grounds a seasoned officials and pettifoggers, led by General Paly shaved off a couple of dozen real volunteer organizations, but dragged their sham OO-shki-type: “Fund generals of Lviv region”, “Foundation heroes of the Soviet Union”, “religious community of full gospel morning star in the Goloseevsky district” and another tresnak”, – he wrote.

While Sinitsyn said that his statement officials managed to “lose”.

“As a result of a number of real and existing volunteer organizations, which made for ATO really a lot and continue to do now, in protest, left this tent.Almost three dozen,” – said Sinitsyn.

Information about the scandal in the defense Ministry also confirmed adviser to the Vice-Prime Minister Alexey Lipired.

“Scandal in the Ministry of defence. Volunteer organization EN masse left the ongoing election of new Hromady. Left the organization of the “Union of Soviet generals”, “Spilka mine victims” and other treshovye enterprises”, – he wrote in his Facebook.

The journalist Roman Bochkala called the incident “a classic of undercover genre”, noting that many volunteer organizations simply not informed about the event.

“Almost all of the reputable volunteer organization has selected. Many are not informed about today’s event. Undercover classic of the genre. But have flooded the Board more obscure funds of the disabled, etc.”, – Bochkala wrote in Facebook.

The speaker InformNapalm and the representative of the Free People of Michael Makarchuk wrote in Facebook: “unfortunately, I can personally attest to that. Old scoop with your hand clowns in the future try to imitate reforms and to continue the plunder…”

The press service of the defense Ministry correspondent ЛІГА.net for this reason said, “are You talking about? I have no clue? What meeting? Any volunteers?”. After the second time the correspondent asked to comment on the situation with elections in the public Council, the press service said that the defense Ministry has nothing to do with it.

“Despite the fact that the public Council under the Ministry of defense, the Ministry does not prohibit anyone to come back… I don’t think the Ministry of defence has some influence on what to choose or not to choose”, – said the press service of the Ministry.

Volunteers are outraged by the election of the public Council under the Ministry of defense 24.02.2017

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