The Polish Institute of national remembrance said that he could prove the fact of collaboration of former President Lech Walesa with the secret services. Walesa himself calls these statements lies, transmits Bi-bi-si.

The head of the Institute Jaroslav Sarek said at a press conference that the experts studied the documents of the Soviet era, in which the special services reported on the cooperation with the agent code-named Bolek.

Documents written in the first half of 1970-ies, it was said that Bolek worked in the shipyard and received from intelligence money for gathering information about their colleagues. According to Charaka, the experts found that the signatures on the payment belong to valence.

Walesa himself once again called the information false. In the same way he reacted to its publication last year – then the Institute first published the data, but they have not yet been confirmed by the results of the examination.

Walesa in the 1970s, the years actually worked at the shipyard in Gdansk. In 1980 he created there beyond the control of the state trade Union “Solidarity”. Soon from-for active trade Union activities he was fired.

After this, the strikes that contributed to the growth of the popularity of “Solidarity” in the Polish society. In 1981, the organization was outlawed, and Walesa was arrested. He was released a little over a year later.

In 1986, “Solidarity” has become a movement with regional centres throughout the country, and by the end of 1980-ies have achieved the right to participate in parliamentary elections and won them a landslide victory.

In 1990, Walesa himself won the presidential election. He led Poland until 1995, after which he lost the following elections Kwasniewski. Walesa participated in the 2000 elections, but won only 1.4% of the vote.

Walesa’s cooperation with the secret services called proven 31.01.2017

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