The special representative of the United States in the war of Russia against Ukraine Kurt Volker called “the eternal paradox” that Russian authorities directly to discuss what the US supplies for the APU “will raise the price of the conflict in the Donbas for Russia,” saying that “they are not there”. He told Russian radio station Echo of Moscow.

“Of course, this is a contradiction. And Russian, of course, know that they are in Ukraine. And they know what they’re doing,” he explained.

According to the diplomat, in the presence of “goodwill on both sides” and with the help of peacekeepers Minsk agreement can be performed until enshrining a special status for the currently occupied part of the Donbass.

“The basics are the following: the cease-fire, the diversion of heavy weapons, access of observers to the territory and protection, the holding of local elections, Amnesty, special status for this part of Ukraine, which is then recognized by the Constitution. It’s all achievable and doable,” he said.

Walker believes that the “window of opportunity” for settlement also opens up the campaign for the reelection of the President of the country-occupier Vladimir Putin, “when is it going to be in Russia’s best interests to finally resolve the question of Donbass”.

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The representative of the US state Department is negotiating with the Kremlin through the assistant of Putin is Vladislav Surkov, one of the designers of the war in the Donbass. Walker believes the opponent is “very smart, very professional.”

“He knows the issue backwards and forwards, and he is a reliable Communicator. He brings to Putin and others what we offer, and also it communicates to me that Russia says that Russia is ready to do at the moment. And this is what you need in this case – reliability”, – he concluded.

Walker: the Russians know what they are in Ukraine, and what they do 29.12.2017

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