In connection with carrying out in the territory of Gluboksky area the joint Russian-Belarusian exercises Zapad-2017 in the city’s Deep curfews. It is reported

The curfew will operate from 14 to 20 September from 22:00 to 06:00.

“During the curfew, residents are not to be without the need of outside the dwelling, to move between towns without documents proving or confirming the identity”, – stated in the message.

For violation of legislation on state of emergency or martial law is a penalty.

The sanction of article 23.59 of the administrative code provides a penalty from ten to forty basic values (from 230 to 920 rubles – ed.) or administrative arrest, and legal entity – to five hundred basic units (11 500 roubles – ed.).

Ivatsevichi Executive Committee and Barysau issued the warning on the prohibition of civilian persons in landfills domanove and Borisov. Local authorities are reminded that it is forbidden to pick up the pieces of bombs, shells, rockets and detonators, metal scrap, to touch unexploded ordnance.

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West-2017 – joint strategic exercises of the armies of Russia and Belarus, will be held from 14 to 20 September. The Russian military began to arrive in Belarus in late July. Officially announced the participation of up to 13 thousand military, anecdotal evidence suggests a much larger group of troops up to 100 thousand people. The exercises will be held in two stages – in Russia and at seven landfills in Belarus.

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The Kremlin is likely to leave the military in Belarus, according to the General staff of the armed forces. NATO suspects that Moscow could moreopportunity teachings as a “Trojan horse.”

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West-2017: in one of the areas of Belarus imposed a curfew 15.09.2017

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