Researchers from the Netherlands analyzed the test results 281 095 students from 33 countries, and came to the conclusion that in schools where the majority of students – girls, children are more focused on their studies and received higher grades in reading. First and foremost, this effect influenced the success of boys, according NakedScience.

The material was the data about the test participants of the international program on assessment of educational achievements of students (PISA) which is conducted every three years. In 2015, it was attended by 72 countries. The test is administered fifteen students.

In PISA test consists of problems in mathematics, the natural Sciences and the test of ability to read.

The researchers used data on the test in reading in 2009 and came to the conclusion that in schools, where girls accounted for more than 60% of the students, the test participants (especially boys) received higher scores.

Also at the success of students impacted number of parents and teachers with higher education, but these indicators affect the success of students of both sexes equally.

The authors identify several reasons for this effect. Studies show that girls are better able to focus during assignments and are also more likely to consider reading a hobby and more you read in your free time. According to scientists, the numerical superiority in the girls can reflect on the atmosphere in the class, helping to read more.

Previously, scientists found that 70% of the regions of the world, girls perform better in secondary school than boys.

What determines the success of boys in the study: the scientists told 11.11.2017

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