The American space administration (NASA) closes the next rich event on the season and prepares to continue existing research projects in the new year and open a new one.

On his Youtube-channel NASA posted a video with a list of what the Agency is going to do in 2018. In the task list:

– send a robot to Mars (mission InSight);

– to launch into space astronauts from U.S. companies with the U.S.;

– to visit the asteroid, which is comparable with the age of the Solar system (Osiris-Rex to Bennu in August);

– to look for planets of distant stars (satellites TESS – Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite);

– to travel to the Sun as close as never before (project Parker Solar Probe);

– preparation for sending astronauts to the moon and beyond (project super-heavy launch vehicle SLS and Orion camera);

– preparing to launch into orbit a telescope James Webb to replace the Hubble;

– to live and work on the ISS for the 18th consecutive year;

– development of partnerships with companies for projects to stay in deep space;

– monitor the status of the Land;

– GRACE mission to study gravity and water resources of the Earth;

– use the lasers to study glaciers (the ICE Sat-2);

– use the lasers to study forests (mission GEDI Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation lidar);

– the first flight in an efficient and “ecological” electroplane (project-X-57);

– partnership with industry to create a “quiet” supersonic aircraft;

– the development of a more “ecological” fuel for rockets and spaceships (GPIM Green Propellant Infusion Mission);

– improving space navigation (draft DSAC Deep Space Atomic Clock);

– how to build the engine ion engine with solar cells.

And as the last point in the program the following year, the employees of NASA stated “to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the aerospace control”

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“We have to move and what to do” – under this slogan, the office will open next season in the study of the Earth and outer space, as well as the creation of new technologies.

Video: Youtube / NASA

“What to do in 2018”: a list of ambitious goals of NASA – video 27.12.2017

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