Today, April 28, in the 70-th anniversary of the forced eviction of Ukrainians from the territory of Poland, namely the South-Eastern part of the Northern and Western regions, which were joined to Poland after the Second world war, the Ukrainian Institute of national remembrance has prepared an infographic briefly explaining the essence of the tragic pages in the history of the country.

“On this day 70 years ago started the action of the Vistula. Short and important thing about this crime in the last year”, – wrote in comments to the scheme, the Director of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory Vladimir vyatrovich.

Operation Wisla’s ethnic cleansing with the use of troops, if agreed by the leadership of the Polish people’s Republic, the Soviet Union and the Czechoslovak people’s Republic, held after the war on Polish territory and continued a large-scale repressive actions of resettlement of Ukrainians in 1944-1946 from the territory of the Lemko Nadsyannya, Pidlyashshya, Holm and led to significant human casualties, moral and material losses, the destruction of spiritual and cultural conquest of the Ukrainians who lived on these lands.

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April 26, 2017, the representatives of the Polish nationalist organizations with the connivance of local authorities dismantled the cemetery of the village near przemyśl Rusovici a funerary monument to soldiers of the UPA. The foreign Ministry called scandalous campaign “blatant provocation in the eve of celebration of 70th anniversary of the criminal operation Vistula”.

In response to the silence of the Polish authorities about the vandalism on the Ukrainian places of memory of Ukraine has suspended the legalization of the Polish memorial sites.

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What you need to know about criminal operation Vistula – infographics 28.04.2017

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