In the background falling in recent days, tensions on the Korean Peninsula, the us intelligence think tank Stratfor showed their data about the possible range attack missiles, entered service in the DPRK. Infographics published in the article centre on the situation in the region and the consequences of a visit by Vice-President Mike Pence.

All missiles from North Korea, which are now in a state of combat readiness, the greatest danger to the allies of the United States is the Taepodong-1. Its range is two thousand kilometers. That is, at risk are China, Russia, Mongolia, Taiwan, and, most importantly, Japan and South Korea.

Pyongyang also strongly develops an Intercontinental ballistic missile Taepodong-2 with a range of up to eight thousand kilometers. These weapons threaten destruction of Australia, East Europe and part of continental North America.


“The ten-day trip the Vice President of the United States Mike Pence in East Asia is designed to repay the lack of understanding of America’s allies in the region, what will be the local politics of Washington,” writes Stratfor.

According to analysts, the current US actions in the region are made primarily to deter Kndri beliefs of Beijing to cooperate together, “despite the fact that the tension due to the foreign trade policy, trump is not going anywhere” when Penny visits in Tokyo and Seoul.

Experts also believe that Indonesia and Australia will not rush to support the initiatives of Washington in the region because of the risk of provoking China, but will remain susceptible to U.S. attempts to lay the groundwork for more robust defense cooperation.

Special the War in Korea. The forces of the parties and the likely consequences

In the early hours of April 14, the channel NBC, citing sources in the Pentagon reported that the US army can strike a pre-emptive missile attack on military targets in North Korea to prevent the sixth nuclear test the regime of Kim Jong-UN. Earlier, the U.S. Navy sent to the Korean Peninsula impact the flotilla led by the aircraft carrier Carl Winson what Pyongyang threatened the United States with a nuclear strike and war.

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Where can fly the missiles of North Korea: Stratfor infographic 19.04.2017

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