American CNN conducted a study and found out who will perform the duties of the President of the United States in the case of the murder of Donald trump during his inauguration on Friday, January 20 2017.

Under current us law, in the case of the President’s death or loss of legal capacity the presidency goes to the Vice President, which today, after the inauguration of the trump, will be Mike Pence.

Next in the presidential line of succession are the speaker of the U.S. house of representatives (3 January 2017 for this position has been re-elected Republican Paul Ryan) and the temporary President of the Senate (6 Jan 2015 this position is Orrin hatch).

If during the inauguration of trump’s tragic fate befall these high-ranking officials, the acting head of state will perform the Secretary of state. However, the acting Secretary of state John Kerry will resign today. His example followed by all the politically appointed members of the Obama administration.

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At the same time, the Senate will approve the new head of the state Department protege trump Rex Tillerson only after one to two weeks after the inauguration.

According to sources in the state Department, in this case, as Secretary of state, and along with the President of the United States, is the highest non-political official of the Department. Now that is the Undersecretary of state for political Affairs Thomas Shannon.

Thomas Shannon (photos

In his current position, Shannon was appointed in February 2016, that is still under Obama’s presidency.

For his study, CNN has already been heavily criticized. In particular, the journalists were accused of incitement to violence and terrorism.

In the USA, a person who is in the order of succession of presidential powers, call duty successor (eng. designated survivor). Under current legislation, if the President and other top officials and high-ranking officials gather in one place (for example, during the inauguration), the duty of the successor at this point should be located in physically distant and safe place in case of emergency to take on the powers of the President.

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The inauguration of US President Donald trump will be held today, 20 January (19:00 Kyiv time) in Washington. At the ceremony, expect about a million people.

In the capital of the United States has already started the inaugural program.

Earlier today it was reported that trump plans to sign a series of Executive decrees that do not require approval in Congress, immediately after the inauguration.

Who becomes President if trump will kill at the inauguration: video 20.01.2017

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