On 14 October Ukraine celebrates the Day of defender of the country, as well as intercession of the Theotokos and the Day of Ukrainian Cossacks. On this day Ukrainians military honors, military traditions and the heroic deeds of the people. Below to tell you more about the holiday, the Agency UKRINFORM has prepared an infographic.

The day of defender of Ukraine celebrate the Church feast of the Holy virgin, which was especially important for Cossacks. At the camp there was a Church in honor of the virgin, and the icon of the “Cossack Pokrova”. On the feast of the Cossacks conducted tips, choose Koshev, elder, the Hetman.

The soldiers of the Ukrainian insurgent army was considered the mother of God guardian of those who defended the Ukrainian land, so the official date of creation of the UPA is also considered to be October 14, 1942.

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6 Zhovtnya 2017 it was reported that according to the survey, almost 60% of Ukrainians approve of the idea of the establishment of the state holiday the Day of defender of Ukraine on October 14, however, 56% of respondents – against the abolition of the Soviet holiday on February 23.

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Why the Day of defender of Ukraine is celebrated on 14 October: infographics 12.10.2017

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