Well-known Pro-Russian rhetoric of the President of Moldova Igor Dodon today’s decree forbade the military to leave the country to participate in NATO exercises. This is with reference to the statement of the Moldavian leader, September 8, writes the local branch of the Russian newspaper AIF.

“…But the Moldovan military participated in NATO exercises? We are a neutral country. Or participated in military exercises in a country where military conflicts? Dear citizens, the war in Ukraine. I’m not talking about military parades in Kiev, which was also attended by our military. But military exercises in the country with military conflict. Why, what’s the purpose?”, he said.

According to Dodon, it prohibits the participation of Moldovan soldiers in exercises, operations and missions, trainings and other activities abroad, without his written consent. The corresponding decree, which is binding and takes effect immediately after the signing was published on the website of the President.

For disobedience he called on the Prime Minister of Moldova the resignation of the Deputy head of the defense Ministry of the country, Gheorghe Galbura.

“What kind of military training with NATO? Will clean them wheels? The government has committed a gross violation of the law and would have to resign. And sooner or later, but it will happen. Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten”, warned the Cabinet of the Moldavian leader.

Previously, he forbade the military to participate in the spring exercises of NATO Platinum Eagle in Romania.

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On 5 September, Moldovan President Igor Dodon said that the Moldovan military have nothing to do in the exercises in Ukraine, and ordered that all preparations for the exercise was cancelled. On 6 September the government of Moldova adopted the decision on the participation of the nation’s military in exercises, what Dodon reiterated the ban. The military still left in Ukraine.

Today in the Lviv region will start exercise Rapid Trident 2017, which will be attended by 2.5 thousand Ukrainian military and soldiers of partner countries – Bulgaria, Canada, Estonia, Georgia, Lithuania, Moldova, Norway, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Britain and the United States. The exercises will be held with “greater scale than ever before,” said the Ministry of defence, and will end on September 23.

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“Will clean the wheels of NATO?”: Dodon is about the journey of military in Ukraine 08.09.2017

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