Recently it became known that the police of the Republic of Ireland conducts a review in relation to British writer and comic actor Stephen fry, in accordance with local law “On defamation” directed at protecting the feelings of believers. It is reported Bi-bi-si.

In February 2015 fry, known as an original thinker and a carrier reference of the English language, participated in the “Meaning of life” on the Irish TV channel RTE.

On the question of the leader guy Byrne what he would say to God at the gates of Paradise, fry replied that asked God why He created a world full of injustice, poverty and pain.

He further stated that he could not respect such a “capricious, narrow thinking and completely selfish creature,” and added that the ancient gods, at least, did not pretend to omniscience and goodness.

A resident of Ennis filed a complaint to the authorities. And now, two years later, he was contacted by police and said that on the application being tested, what the citizen told the Irish Independent newspaper.

At the time, fry remarks provoked angry comments on social networks from the Irish Catholics. In this regard, he said bi-Bi-si, that does not find your words offensive, because they were not directed against any particular religion.

Act 2009 punishable by a fine in the amount of 25 thousand euros for the “written and oral statements, explicitly offending items and concepts that are sacred to any religion, and caused the anger of a significant number of its adherents”.

The adoption of the law, the authors explained the desire to equate in legal terms, all religion, because the Irish Constitution of 1937 says about the protection of Christian values, not to mention other religions.

Press-service of the Irish police, said bi-Bi-si, that does not comment on pending investigations.

The Independent newspaper recalls that are still under the law of 2009, no liability was not involved, and highly doubt that in the case of fry it comes to formal charges.

At the time Stephen fry called to boycott the 2014 Sochi, comparing Putin and Hitler.

Writer and comedian Stephen fry was accused of blasphemy 07.05.2017

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