The Japanese macaque puberty in the wild can mimic sexual acts with Sika deer. To such conclusion the group of primatologia from Lethbridge University (Canada), observing the monkeys in one of the national parks of Japan, reports Science Alert.

The researchers decided to conduct a serious study of such inter-species sexual contact after a case of imitation by male macaques have sex with a female deer, which was recorded on the Japanese island Yakushima.

In the end, the researchers counted 67 contacts between the two female macaques and 258 between monkeys and deer, highlighting 25 of them are “successful” interactions.

It is noted that 12 of the sexual contacts of these 25 occurred between the monkeys, the other 13 – between primates and deer. Such acts can happen anywhere and can take from several minutes to two hours. Some cases, scientists have recorded on video.

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In most cases, the deer passively stood on the spot and even continued to eat, and only a few tried to throw erzhausen on their backs monkeys.

The researchers suggest that such unusual actions help young female primates prepare for some real sexual contacts, or to relieve sexual tension because of the lack of a partner.

According to scientists, apes teenage female choose to obtain a sexual experience deer, as they do not pose any threat to them, unlike the adult male monkeys.

In February 2017 in a Japanese zoo have killed 57 of the snow monkeys who have discovered the gene “invasive alien species”.

Young Japanese macaques sometimes simulate sex with a deer – scientists 18.12.2017

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