The most serious fears of the Ukrainian youth are associated with high levels of corruption in the country and the war, a little less young Ukrainians are concerned about the health problems, unemployment and social injustice. This was referred to in the sociological study “Ukrainian generation Z: values and guidelines” of the German Foundation. Ebert Foundation and the Center for New Europe, together with the company GfK Ukraine, reports the Deutsche Welle.

Fear of corruption 37% of citizens of Ukraine, war in the country or the world – 36%. Health problems fear 34% of respondents, and unemployment and sinestrolom – 32%.

The majority of young people – 70% – believe that in the first place, the government should resist crime and corruption. Thus sociologists point out that only a third of young people consider that bribery is never justifiable. In the Northern regions of the country negatively to this phenomenon are more than 50% of respondents in Kiev – only 19%, and in the East even fewer – 15%.

Least of all Ukrainian youth trust the Verkhovna Rada (1.81 on a scale), parties (1,85) and the government (1,87), most of the Church (2,99), volunteers (2,98) and the army (2,86).

The fourth year of Russia’s hybrid war against Ukraine was marked by a minimal influence of the Russian TV and the web on Ukrainian youth, according to sociologists: 49% of respondents watch television in Ukraine, only 2% admitted that Russian.

At the same time on the East and South Ukrainian TV watching, 30% and 37% respectively, and the Russian – allegedly 4% and 1%.

The survey results also indicate that 72% of those interviewed do not intend to go to another country and leave Ukraine for a period of more than six months. However, one in four wants to emigrate, mainly to Germany (18%), USA (15%) and Poland (12%).

Ukrainian youth are optimists, say sociologists: 58% of respondents believe the improvement of the situation, 20% believe that everything will remain as it is now, and only 5% expect a deterioration.

A survey on methodologies Shell Youth Study conducted in July-August 2017 throughout Ukraine, excluding the temporarily occupied territory, among 2000 respondents aged 14-29 years. It was also held four focus groups with youth 18-29 years in Lviv, Odessa, Kharkiv and Chernihiv.

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Young people are afraid of war and corruption, but believes in Ukraine – poll 26.12.2017

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