Units of the Russian regular troops are deployed in Snizhne, Donetsk and Lugansk. This was stated by the head of the Donetsk military and civil administration Pavel Zhebrivsky in an interview with channel 5.

According to him, battalion tactical groups are in Donetsk and Snizhne, and company tactical group in Lugansk.

Zhebrivskyi said that in addition to the regular troops, there are still many mercenaries and it’s not just about PMCs Wagner.

“Now on the front lines and in military units, in fact to the company commander, or direct the Russians regular troops, or “EA” as in Vietnam and Afghanistan,” – said the head of the Donetsk CAA.

7 Oct 2017 SBU held a briefing, which provided new evidence for the involvement of PMCs Wagner in the war in Donbass, about the peculiarities of acquisition and financing of the group, and information about more than 150 mercenaries who are fighting in Syria. Was published the phone records Utkin and the leader of LPR Igor Plotnitsky, proving their involvement in the shelling of the Ukrainian Il-76 in 2014 in Lugansk and participated in the fighting in the Donbass.

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Zhebrivskyi called the places of deployment of Russian military in the Donbass 04.11.2017

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