The founder of social network Facebook mark Zuckerberg has decided to withdraw the claim submitted to hundreds of Hawaiians who claimed to be part of the land acquired by Zuckerberg in 2014. It is reported Bi-bi-si.

As Zuckerberg says, he regrets not thinking about the cultural and historical significance of the land local residents initially filed suit, and now hopes to find another way to solve the land question.

Owned Zuckerberg almost 300 hectares of land on the Hawaiian island of Kauai were 14 sites with a total area of about 3 hectares claimed by the indigenous people.

As specified by journalists, Hawaiians are guided by the law of 1850, which local aborigines have rights to the land where their ancestors lived. While property documents many of them there, and the land ownership is based on a complex and intertwined system of related contracts, often verbal.

Zuckerberg himself has previously said that the use of a legal mechanism for local residents “will receive money for the land, the possession of which they did not even know”.

On 16 January it was reported that only eight people have the same amount of money, which have the poorest half of the population. This is part eight and mark Zuckerberg.

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Zuckerberg decided not to press charges on several hundred Hawaiians 28.01.2017

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