CEO of Facebook mark Zuckerberg has demonstrated a new way to interact with the virtual world, created with Oculus. It is proposed to use special gloves Oculus for virtual reality, according to ITC.

Gloves virtual reality will allow us to more realistically interact with virtual reality objects. With their help, you can draw, type text on the virtual keyboard or throw webs like spider-Man.

Zuckerberg has not shared any technical specifications gloves, virtual reality or the approximate timing of the appearance on the market of a commercial product based on the current prototype. Apparently, the gloves themselves are minimalist, although the entire structure is quite bulky. They are connected to the Oculus. Instead of the usual external sensors of the motion tracking system uses a set of sensors, resembling a solution OptiTrack.

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Earlier, Oculus bought the company specializing in the development of technologies to track movements of hands without using gloves.

Zuckerberg tested the gloves for virtual reality: photo 10.02.2017

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